Curriculum Vitae


I enjoy seeing projects through to the end and always endeavour to complete them to my highest standard and within deadlines set. I work systematically through projects and tasks, enjoy problem solving and taking on challenges, and I am always looking to expand my knowledge. When working together as a team I use the opportunity to develop ideas by utilising colleagues’ different perspectives to gain the best result. I am a very polite and hardworking person who will always try and do my best to help people.

Key Skills

  • A good knowledge of Windows 10, 7, XP And MS Office
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently

Technical Skills

  • C# — 7 years
  • Python — 5 years
  • VBA — 5 years
  • MySQL / SQLite
  • git
  • MS Office Macros
  • AutoHotKey scripting


  • DFT Shift Planner — C#
  • Case Creator — C#
  • Android Pattern Lock Generator — C#
  • DFT Phone data collector — C#
  • Baty Returns system — C# — Property of Baty International
  • Baty Diagnostics tools — C# — Property of Baty International

Employment History

Digital Forensic Analyst

Sussex Police
December 2013 — Present

I am currently employed by Sussex Police to examine and investigate digital mobile devices and to create report packages to a high standard with attention to detail, to be used in court as evidence.
In order to be more efficient and remove human error, I have automated certain parts of our daily processes using either python scripts, AutoHotKey scripts, or WPF applications with a .Net C# back end. All these tools log their actions in SQLite databases & log files for auditing purposes, in order to comply with our ongoing ISO 17025 accreditation, or connect to our case management system’s database in order to extract case information.
Working in a small team, excellent communication is essential to be able to adapt, learn and use each other’s knowledge to keep up with technology, and to share technical knowledge on the vast amounts of different mobile devices that we have to examine. Due to the fast pace nature of this industry we constantly have to balance our workload of examining devices, researching new devices and methods that come out in order to keep up to date and not miss time critical techniques.
I am also responsible for training users across the force to use self-service kiosks for basic mobile device extractions, and for training new starters within the office. The feedback given to me from previous training sessions has shown that I am able to explain technical information to new colleagues regardless of their skill level.

IT Support Technician

Baty International
October 2012 — November 2013

Whilst I was in my role I noticed that one of their systems was antiquated, therefore I took it upon myself to re-write and digitize our returns & repairs system. I did this with a program in C# in combination of a SQL server which enabled the whole team to view the data at the same time, this ultimately became more efficient and increased the productivity of the business.

Volunteering — Admin

Beacon Services
April 2012 — May 2012


IT Technician

April 2011 — December 2011
  • Computer repairs
  • Remote support
  • Onsite installs & repairs
  • Secure data destruction
  • Short term contract
  • Work experience through school — June 2008


Oakmeeds Community College
2004 - 2009
  • English Language — C
  • English Literature — C
  • Mathematics — B
  • Science — A
  • ICT — C
Central Sussex Haywards Heath
2009 — 2011
  • Computing AS — B
  • Computing A
  • IT Practitioners BTEC
  • Python Scripting course


I am interested in anything involving technology, and enjoy keeping up with trends and being on the cutting edge.
I enjoy programming and creating applications in my spare time, and where the opportunity arises for work projects.
I wish to gain enough experience doing this to get a job where this is one of the main focuses.
I am learning Java, as I wish to use this to create Android applications in the future.
I enjoy reading, DIY projects & Home Automation, riding motorcycles and gaming in my spare time.