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Here you’ll find information about some projects I’ve worked on in my spare time or during my time at a previous role. For projects that I’ve created in my free time, I’ve included a snippet of code for each that is either the main function of the application, or something that is fairly efficient and that I’m proud of.

Thank you for taking time to look at my portfolio.


Magna Nullam

Case Creator

Dolor Penatibus

Baty Returns

Natoque Vitae

Android Pattern Generator

Ipsum Feugiat

DFT Shift Planner

Rhoncus Semper

DFT Phone Data Collector

Orci Convallis

Baty Diagnostics

About Me

I enjoy creating programs and efficient solutions for different situations and needs.
I am proficient in C#, Python, and AutoHotKey scripting, and am always looking for new ways and opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience.